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NEW! Add your favorite aromatherapy massage cream of your choice for your next massage therapy session! Choose from Geranium Sage, Tangerine Basil, Lavender, Green Tea Mint, and Vanilla Lemongrass!
















Vitality Health Massage would like to welcome Matthew Brown, MA, LMFT. Matthew is a behavioral health counselor and owner of Aspen Life Counseling, Inc. Matthew will be sharing my second office room starting in April 2022. Please take a look at his website above and learn about the services he can provide for you, your family, or a loved one.

Website: aspenlifecounseling

Contact: 804-977-0201 



 Kind Regards, 

Ryan Brown, LMT
Vitality Health Massage




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Add On Services- Discounts





You can add aromatherapy to your sessions which include:


-Hot towels infused with lavender to help calm and soothe your aching muscles, your neck, low back, and tired feet. 


Also, you can purchase your own 5ml spray tincture of our aromatherapy massage oil and choose your own aromatherapy scent. Our aromatherapy tinctures are mixed with HobaCare Oil. Learn more about Hoba Oil Care and why it is our favorite oil that we use at Vitality Health Massage.  It's a great gift perfect to fit in a pocketbook, glove box in your car, at your desk at work, or anywhere! 


CBD Products: *15% off  (This offer is for Vitality Health Massage only)

We offer CBD products that are great to help calm your sore muscles, sleep better, help with stress and anxiety, decrease inflammation of muscles and joints, help pain and mobility, post-workout recovery when mom leaves the gym, and help improve energy levels. *Discount only applies if cbd is purchased through Vitality Health Massage* Please review our 

policies regarding CBD purchases at:

Please visit Kultivate Wellness at to search their CBD products and let us know what you would like to purchase. Please give us the exact details including name, milligram, and the amount you would like. 

CBD Treatments: You can also add CBD Treatments to your sessions. We use a lavender CBD massage 1000 mg oil during your session to help aid and recover your muscles faster. 

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