Add a 5ml spray tincture of our aromatherapy massage oil and choose your own aromatherapy scent. It's a great gift perfect to fit in a pocketbook, glove box in your car, at your desk at work, or anywhere! You can even use it during your session! 


CBD Products:

We offer CBD products which are great to help calm your sore muscles, sleep better, help with stress and anxiety, decrease inflammation of muscles and joints, help pain and mobility, post-workout recovery when mom leaves the gym, and help improve energy levels.

Gift Certificates:

We have electronic and paper gift certificates available for your loved one, birthday, or other special event. Paper gift certificates can be purchased in our office and we will deliver within 10 miles from our office location for free! 

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Once again, showing the love for my clients. Only the best! This is why I love jojoba- *The original Jojoba*

*Will not stain fabrics

*Free of additives

*No fragrances

*Shelf-stable, never goes rancid

*NEVER tacky or oily

*Vegan and cruelty-free

*Non-allergenic, paraben-free and safe for all skin types/conditions

*Certified organic

*Pesticide free

*100% pure unrefined jojoba extract


*Antioxidant & Vitamin E

*Oncology professionals use it on clients undergoing chemotherapy/radiation

*Safe for newborns