Aromatherapy Treatments- 

  • You can choose from any of our aromatherapy essential oils that you would like your therapist to use during your session.   

  • $2.00 to add to any of our massage treatment sessions. 

  • Please let your therapist know if you would like to add aromatherapy to your session or you may go to the "add on" section when booking your appointment and add this treatment to your session. 

Aromatherapy Tincture Massage Oil 5ml- (Spray Bottle)

  • We also sell our own 5ml spray bottle. 

  • You get to pick your own essential oil. 

  • $5.00  to take home your own tincture spray bottle. 

  • We will deliver if you are within 10 miles of our office.

Lavender- Can be used to decrease feelings of tension, calm nerves, promote better rest,

  • Can provide alleviation from almost any ailment.

  • When diffused it soothes the soul.

Lemon Grass.jpeg

Lemon Grass- The sharp and lemony aroma of our natural Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus) offers aromatherapy to help alleviate stressful feelings and unwind the body. This steam-distilled oil can be used as a household cleaner, or can be diffused to clear the room and quiet excessive thinking

  • Offers emotional uplift and relaxation.

  • Quiets excessive thinking.d

sweet orange.jpeg

Sweet Orange- Oil, derived from a fruit native to several tropical regions throughout Asia, is a natural remedy in soothing emotions and stress. Research shows Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) uplifts the moods of people suffering from depression or chronic anxiety. When diluted in carrier oil and rubbed over the abdomen, it can help ease constipation, calm spasms, and regulate digestion.

  • Fresh, citrus scent.

  • Mood balancing and creativity inspiring.

Frankincense- Hints of lemon and pine, which helps fight fatigue as it quiets and focuses the mind, and promotes inner calm. This Oil is is also known to help improve skin tone, and when used with a carrier oil, is a popular choice for massage. For many centuries, the scent of Frankincense represented purification, as it was burned to ward off evil spirits. It was also offered as gifts to kings and other nobility. A few drops used in a diffuser or humidifier can help slow breathing and lower stress.

  • Combats fatigue and feelings of stress.

  • Can be used to create nontoxic cleaning or beauty products.

Tea Tree.jpeg

Tea Tree- Tea Tree Oil helps minimize blemishes and soothe skin irritation. The aroma can help uplift the spirit, ease mental stress and purify the mind.

  • Uplifting and stress alleviating.


Peppermint- Humans have been using Peppermint for centuries for therapeutic and deodorizing purposes. This Oil can help increase alertness. The cool, sharp, stimulating, and minty aroma of our pure Peppermint Oil, indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, has uplifting effects on the mood and enhances mental clarity.

  • Uplifting affect on the mood.

  • Induces mental clarity.


Rosemary- Has hints of eucalyptus and wood. When used in aromatherapy, this oil can help energize, uplift, fend off mental fatigue, and ease feelings of stress

  • Alleviates feelings of stress and tension.

  • Dilute in a carrier oil on hair to soothe and moisturize dry, itchy scalp.


Eucalyptus- Helps clear the mind, improve concentration, and soothe exhaustion. Can be blended in a massage oil to help soothe sore muscles.

  • Enhances concentration.

  • Soothes sore muscles and aches.

  • Clean, minty, invigorating.