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 ⚾️🧢 It's Baseball Season! ⚾️🧢

Baseball season is here! Also, spring is a time for other sports, yard work, running, hiking, and using our bodies.

Some of us waited all winter for this and I want to remind some of you to take it easy. 
Some of us may need to stretch, drink more water, and start with a nice warm-up before we jump into heavy activities to prevent injury. 

So if you go for that hike, play that one one-on-one game of basketball with your kids, or maybe you're feeling a little sore from a long day of activity... I'm here for you! 

Massage can help you recover quickly and get back out there to help you enjoy your spring activities. 




Sign up for POP IN appointments and I will notify you about cancellations and available appointments. You choose how frequently you want to be notified and have complete control of opting in or out of these notifications. Great for clients that...

-Live close to my office
- Need immediate help with pain and unable to find an available appointment
- Work from home
- Have a flexible schedule
- ​Need a quick appointment

Tip: If you ever have a change in your schedule please let me know or simply fill this form out again and I will make the changes for you. 


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