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Spa treatment room

Warm Towels

Ease sinus pressure: A hot towel on your face or chest can help reduce congestion associated with illness or allergies. You'll feel comfortable and soothing as the pressure fades. 

Reduce soreness: Back pain and stiff muscles can result from any number of activities, from work to exercise. The heat helps reduce that pain no matter its cause, making it ideal to use after workouts, a physically demanding job or simply waking up with a sore back.

Soothe joint pain: Similar to providing relief from muscle soreness, heat can help reduce joint pain. If you or a client have arthritis or other issues that affect your joints, a hot towel treatment may ease the pain associated with those problems.

➤ Speed healing processes: After an injury, many use heat to aid recovery. Be sure to determine the type and severity of the injury first, though. Some injuries, such as cuts, benefit from a cold compress first, and others are more severe and require medical attention first. After that, depending on the injury, you may be able to use heat to soothe the area and speed the recovery process.

➤ Promote circulation: Heat applications often promote blood flow, which leads to the above benefits. Your body can repair damaged tissues that cause soreness or are a result of injury if a heat source increases your circulation.

➤ Encourage relaxation: Even without physical benefits, a hot towel would still be soothing. A hot towel often enhances any spa or salon experience, so incorporate it into your massage treatments for the ultimate luxury.

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