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Stress Reduction 

Claim Your Calm


Are you asking yourself every day...

What can I do to calm down? I'm so stressed I can't even think straight! I've got to get this stress under control because it's destroying my health, relationships, family life, and my job. I just want to feel calm again! Well, you can claim your calm today!

Stress can wreak havoc on our lives and can create a tidal wave of problems if we don’t manage it. Our behaviors, tolerance with our families and loved ones, anxieties, fatigue, muscle aches, mental health, memory, eating habits, ability to sleep, perform at our jobs, and many other aspects of our lives are affected by stress.  Massage is a proven way to manage stress. Massage is a proven approach to managing our stress, easing tension in our muscles, clearing our minds, and helping us set the tone of our day and the way we handle ourselves around others. 

So many of us have forgotten how to take a moment to slow down.  Our logo, which is a turtle, is a helpful reminder to slow down. (Click here to learn more about why we chose the turtle for our logo). You and your tired muscles deserve to take care of yourself with a massage to help heal and recover. We would like to help you to hit the reset button on your day and help you refresh the mind of your worries. Take an hour for yourself to slip away, feel free to take a nap if you like, and rest your body and muscles. We offer 60, 90, and 120-minute Stress Reduction Massage.


Are you ready to claim your calm?

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