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Chair Massage Events

A chair massage uses acupressure on the back, neck, and shoulders. Seated in an ergonomic massage chair, the client stays fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used. This is a perfect modality for quick relief of muscle tension.

Chair massage can give you the lift that you need! In only 15 to 30 minutes chair massage can address the common neck/shoulder pains experienced by people who spend time at a desk or computer. Light to medium massage techniques is used to loosen tight muscles to lower stress.

Massage chairs can be set up in a public setting or an office. Consider adding a massage to your special event, conference, or Friday afternoon in the office. Ask how you can make a chair massage part of any special event!    

Thank you for offering chair massage for your employees! Businesses We Want To Thank...

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Thank You Bensley Elementary School

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