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Pressure Point Massage

Mobile Massage


Unable to come to our office for a visit, is the car being repaired, have a busy day planned or are you on your lunch break? Then let us come to you at your residence. We understand that life can get busy and we will bring our own massage table or chair, our own supplies, and take care of everything. All we need is a space of at least 10x12 ft, large enough for our massage therapist to move around freely. Please make sure that all items in the room, tripping hazards, and furniture are moved out of the way so we can serve you better. We also ask that all pets be placed in a room with a closed door, any noise such as tv, radio, alarm be turned off so that our session is not interrupted.

*Any address or location that is more than 10 miles from our office may be subject to a per/mileage fee of $0.60 per mile. This rate is subject to change. We will not travel to hotels and will only travel to residential areas. The maximum distance we will travel is 25 miles from our office. 

Chesterfield County
Goochland County
Hanover County
Henrico County
Powhatan County
Richmond City


Don't see your location? Please call us at 804-837-4292  to see if your massage therapist can accommodate you!

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